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Butchers Block / Wood Countertops

From cherry to walnut, hickory to white oak, butcher block countertops offer a beautiful option for your countertop needs.

Butcher BlockButcher block countertops feature a number of handsome varieties of wood from which to choose, and the lively patterns, natural colors, and meticulous craftsmanship of today’s butcher block countertops complement virtually every décor.

Butcher block is an environmentally friendly countertop option, and is so easy to maintain after installation with regular applications of food-grade mineral oil, which is available at any pharmacy or hardware store.

If butcher block is not already high on your list of design options, let the experienced professionals at Affinity Kitchen & Bath show you why butcher block countertops are an increasingly popular focal point in modern kitchen design.

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Metal Surface Countertops

Metal countertops are available with splashes of color and copper can be treated to produce color shades that rival even the most dramatic granite color variations.

Stainless steel, long used commercial kitchens, may be your first thought for metal countertops. While stainless steel is popular because it is so easily cleaned, almost impossible to stain, and indifferent to water and spills, there are many other metal-fabricated countertops to consider.

Not only do you have a dynamic choice of metals but many choices in finishes as well. Another nice feature of metal is that it's non-porous, with good hygienic qualities. Most metal countertops are heat-proof and will take a hot pan better than a laminate or solid surface.

There are several different types of metal that are used to fashion kitchen countertops.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel countertop doesn't have to have a monochromatic look. Today’s stainless steel countertops can feature different brush finishes that add a whole new twist to the look of stainless, resulting in a visual dimension to what can sometimes be a completely uniform surface. These types of finishes also help mask everyday use, since any scratches tend to get muted by the "micro-scratches" of the patterned finish.


Copper will develop a reddish-brown patina as it ages. You can maintain a uniform color if you apply a wax or sealer, which fabricators often apply during manufacture.


A pewter countertop offers a sophisticated alternative to the slightly more clinical look of stainless steel. Pewter's silvery color is muted somewhat in that it's not as bright as chrome; rather, it has a more matte appearance. Pewter’s softness also has an upside because the metal is easily shaped and stamped, allowing artistic designs to be incorporated into the surface. Pewter is a more traditional look, and a pewter countertop provides an arresting focal point in an eclectic kitchen.


Zinc countertops are perfect for people who wish to really differentiate their style. Much warmer than stainless steel, zinc has an attractive whitish to silvery-gray appearance when "new," but develops a darkened blue-gray patina over time. If you prefer to keep the initial look, you can apply a beeswax coating periodically.

The professional design team at Affinity Kitchen & Bath has experience working with stainless steel, pewter, zinc, and the entire range of metal countertop options. We would be happy to share our expertise with you, helping you select the new countertop that is just right for you, your home, and your lifestyle.

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or visit our showroom at 1035 N. Lime Ave. to arrange your complimentary in-home consultation.